Cuba pays tribute to Fidel Castro by holding commemoration in Havana

World - Himanshu Gill - Nov 30,2016

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cuba pays tribute to fidel castro by holding commemoration in havana

A massive commemoration was organized in Havana’s Revolution Square to honor Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, who passed away on 25th of November.

The rally was organized on Tuesday evening, to bid a farewell to the late president and leader of the Cuban revolution and was attended by more than 20 heads of state and dignitaries from all around the world. It was led by Castro’s younger brother and the current president Raul Castro, as the proceeding began with the singing of Cuba’s national anthem. Left wing Latin American leaders delivered emotional speeches, paying tribute to Castro.

A giant picture of a young, bearded Castro in his guerrilla uniform and rifle was hanged on the National Library at Revolution Square, a place that was named after him since he gave so many of his legendary marathon speeches. South African President Jacob Zuma hailed Castro as one of the greatest heroes on the 20th century

Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 and led a Communist Revolution in Cuba. The immediate cause of death was not released by the authorities, but Castro had been in a bad health since 2008. He ruled the country for almost half a century and was aged 90 at the time of his death. There were loud chants of his name and revolution at the packed venue before his ashes were taken across the country.

However, opinions on Castro and his rule on Cuba as a one party state remain divided. Supporters say that he returned Cuba to its people and praise his social programs of public health and education in the country. On the other hand, critics term him as a ‘dictator’, who set up his party’s rule in a way that it could not be overthrown from power and was intolerable of opposition and dissent.

US President elect Donald Trump, in one of his speeches, called Castro a “brutal leader”.