Chinese company LingLong launches smart home speakers named ‘DingDong’

Technology - Himanshu Gill - Nov 30,2016

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chinese company linglong launches smart home speakers named dingdong

Chinese technology company, LingLong, has launched its first voice activated smart home speaker, named LingLong DingDong – its answer to Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home.

DingDong is the first product from LingLong, which is a joint venture between and iFlytek and it can be used to control home appliances, music player, inquiring for weather, traffic and stocks as well as online shopping.

The speaker understands Mandarin, Cantonese and Basic English. It can be activated by the voice command "DingDong DingDong" and can also be addressed as "Xiaowei" or "Bailing” and is capable of communicating with 95% of China’s population.

The DingDong was announced in a press release last May but has been currently launched. It costs 900 yuan or $130, as per the initial information. Users say that it is capable of doing everything that an Amazon Echo does and customers can play music from a library of about three million songs. The Echo was launched in 2014 and LingLong engineers started working on their device at the same time, but it is not a copy of Amazon’s design. LingLong DingDong weighs close to 1.3 kgs, is 9.5 inches tall and is available in white, black, red and purple color variants.

The DingDong is being promoted as an educational tool in China, as it is also programmed with simple English lessons for children developed by a private education company. But outside China, the device has grabbed more social media attention for its unique name rather than for its technological innovation. LingLong has also opened its voice service platform for third-party developers to fully explore its potential and is looking to add artificial intelligence to DingDong as well to make it more competent with Echo.

According to a study by Juniper Research, China's smart home market could be worth $22.8bn (£18.3bn) by 2018 due to their advanced technologies at cheaper prices.