British PM Theresa May visits India: India-UK Tech Summit

Business - Akanksha Singh - Nov 11,2016

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british pm theresa may visits india for uk india tech summit 2016

India and UK to discuss bilateral ties during the Tech summit, on Theresa May’s maiden trade mission outside Europe

While the world is still dealing with the aftershock of “Brexit”, British and Indian diplomats are busy recreating the lost sense of partnership through a three day long ‘India –UK Tech Summit’.

The summit that is taking place in New Delhi, on 7th, 8th and 9th November aims at discussing at length, the bilateral ties between the two countries; bringing forth issues like Technology, Higher Education, Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Design.

Theresa May, who holds the office of British prime Minister since July this year, plans to ‘promote the best of Britain’, and calls India one of their ‘most important and close friend’.  She also said that the UK and India share not only culture, but history and values as well.

"We will be promoting the best of Britain, sending out the message that we are open for business" Theresa Mays, Prime Minister UK.

After the referendum, allowing Britain to opt out of the European Union, it is only natural that the country would seek trade relations somewhere else, and who better than an old friend. India being the third largest investor in the UK, and UK being largest of the G20 in India; the summit is refreshing as well as reassuring to the people of business. The British delegation plans on working hand-in-hand with the existing “Start-up India”, “Digital India” and “Make in India” campaigns. May says, she would use the visit to reaffirm the strategic ties that India and UK already have.

The world watches as these two great nations decide to pool in their power, knowledge and technology, to embark upon a journey packed with high power deals and mutual support for growth and development