British children tagged as the least active, as per survey

World - Mohit Shah - Nov 22,2016

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british children tagged as the least active as per survey

According to an international study, British children have been found as the least active in the world. Modern lifestyle trends are highlighted to be the prime cause.

The research involved an active comparison of 38 countries across the globe. It was found out that, England, Wales and Scotland were placed the lowest in terms of physical activity. These rankings are quite alarming as England and Wales both scored D minus; whereas, Scotland was offered a disturbing F grade.

Experts are frightful of these results as they pointed out physical activity being “stripped out” from current lifestyles of the modern population. They also added that, children are fed with excessive screen-time and detached from outdoor activities.

The reports reveals that, the fitness of English kids has declined since the first worldwide research which was issued two years back.  The government pledged to control issues such as childhood obesity and static lifestyles, but the figures showcase their inability to do so.

With UK’s position far behind countries like Slovenia, Poland and Venezuela; the government has advised children to spend at least an hour every day for basic physical activity. It was found out that, 15 percent of the girls who are aged 11 to 15 were able to fulfill this exercise time. Whereas, 22% boys in England from the same age group spent an hour on fitness.

Simon Stevens, head of NHS, has requested for essential changes in the daily routine of every family living in the United Kingdom. His concern was quite stern and cautious when he said, “If you could pack exercise into a magic pill, it would be a pharmaceutical blockbuster.’ 

Exercise is the only cure which has significantly dismantled issues such as strokes, depression, breast cancer, osteoporosis, dementia and diabetes, as said by the head of NHS.