Brazilian President Dragged in Corruption Allegations

World - Mohit Shah - Nov 30,2016

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brazilian president dragged in corruption allegations

Michel Temer, President of Brazil, has been blamed for pressurizing one of his cabinet members to be a part of corrupt practices.

It has only been six months to Michel Temer’s tenure as the president of Brazil and two major corruption allegations have already been reported. This time the matter is quite bitter as former Culture Minister Marcelo Calero has openly claimed Temer’s involvement in a corruption stint.

Calero said that, Temer asked him to assist another minister regarding a personal business transaction.

 The Cultural Minister who has already resigned from the post last week, further revealed that, he was asked to pass the construction of luxury apartments in Salvador, known as a historic district.

Marcelo Calero, is basically a career diplomat who does not possess such a strong background in mainstream politics. The government has quickly replied to this allegation from Calero by calling it as a misinterpreted conversation. The officials also stated that, no pressure was involved from the president’s end regarding the concerned property.  

This week started with an ethics panel’s decision to revive an investigation related to Geddel Vieira Lima, government secretary, who is already involved in a property buying issue in Salvador, State of Bahia; this fresh charge on the president of the nation has indeed emerged as a heavy shocker to the government.

In between all this commotion, the main person under the spotlight, Mr. Temer, has rejected the allegations. However, the current president admitted that he did share a word with Mr. Calero about the construction project in Salvador.

The opposition in Brazil has gone haywire after this incident; they are calling for an immediate removal of Temer, which is sited as the only solution to this problem.

The new president had vowed to eradicate corruption in Brazil, but currently he is suffering from a plagued phase where the party’s image along with his own status is at stake.