Boeing Co. appointed GE Kevin McAllister as the new commercial CEO

Company - Pavan Pandey - Nov 30,2016

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boeing co appointed ge kevin mcallister as new commercial ceo

The Aircraft manufacturing company, Boing, named senior General Electric aviation executive Kevin McAllister to head its commercial aircraft business division.

According to the aircraft manufacturing company, it hired General Electric aviation president and Chief executive officer Kevin McAllister, who has been with GE aviation unit for almost three decades. Mr. McAllister was also the chief executive officer of American Conglomerate Corporation’s $8 billion aviation services business. The 53-year-old, would succeed Ray Conner, who is the current President and Chief Operating Officer of Boing Commercial Airplanes. Mr. Ray Conner is serving as the COO from the year 2012, after the unexpected resignation by James Albaugh. This is the first time in the history of Boeing when the company is going outside its boundaries to search a replacement for the post of CEO for their commercial airplanes division.

The world’s biggest plane maker company said on Monday, 61-year-old Mr. Ray Conner will serve as the Vice president of Boeing through the year 2017. The company also promoted Stanley Deal as the chief executive of the new business unit known as Global Services.

The CEO of Boeing Mr. Dennis Muilenburg told the media that, “The changes are “a big and important step” toward Boeing’s goal of increasing annual services revenue to about $50 billion in 10 years from about $15 billion currently.” Mr. Muilenburg further stated, Mr. Kevin is one of the industry’s finest and most highly starred senior executives, and the board is excited to have him join Boeing. According to Boeing’s statement, the new unit will be designed for the customer services groups inside the company’s present commercial airplanes along with defense, space and security businesses. There are further development plans already framed by the company, which are expected to function under Mr. McAllister’s tenure.