After iPhone 6 plus series’ ‘touch disease’, 6s gets ‘battery fever’

Company - Akanksha Singh - Nov 22,2016

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apple in deep trouble after 6 touch disease and 6s battery fever

Apple in deep trouble: After the recent display errors in 6 plus series, several 6s models show battery issues

People looked up with starry eyes when Apple launched its ‘slimmer, sexier and bigger’ iPhone 6 plus, the iOS 9 powered gadget was every tech lover’s dream. A year later, we starry eyed groupies were introduced with iPhone 6s, ‘in rose gold color, 3D touch and 4k resolution’; when Tim Cook introduced the new versions of the phone, he appeared to be saying “All hail apple, the God of phone!” So we did.

Even before the introduction of a savvier version of the phone ‘iPhone 7’, people reported that their iPhone 6 plus device was affected by a strange issue called the ‘touch disease’, where the touch-screens flashed erratically or froze. Apple never addressed the issue saying that the touchscreen issue surfaces only after the phone undergoes stress, like being dropped on the floor several times. Though, in many cases, iPhone users complained that their touchscreen stopped working entirely for several months.

In August, iFixit, a repair site discovered that the faulty chips inside the devices was the where center this issue stemmed from. When the phone is dropped or bent, the chip loosens. At that time, iFixit termed the issue "Touch Disease" -- and it was quickly adopted by the internet.

 Apple finally ‘addressed’ the issue in November, offering to cut the repair prices in half, from $300 to $149.

Soon after that a new problem surfaced with the iPhone 6s model, the ‘battery fever’; where several customers reported their handset ‘switching off’ for no apparent reason at all. Apple addressed this issue recently and has offered to replace the cell phone’s battery for free.

Though, both these problems were addressed, Apple’s impeccable image has indeed been compromised, the company’s credibility and its reputation both have been brought down because of the said issues.