New four year Tentative Agreement approved by the Unifor, Ford will invest $613 Million

Industry - Pavan Pandey - Nov 17,2016

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4 year tentative agreement approved by the unifor ford will invest 613 million

Ford Motor Co. announced total investment of $713 million and a four-year tentative agreement with Unifor. The deal includes $613 million investment by Ford Motor Co. in its Windsor plant. Ford Motor Co. also launched a new global 7.0 liter engine program.

The Unifor union said that finally they have a covering of up full month of contract talks and now they are agree with the new contract. In this new four year contract, the 58 percent of worker voted to support the deal. Before supporting the new contract, there were a lot negotiations between Unifor and the Canadian Unit of the Detroit three auto makers’ member Ford Motor Co.

The voting of support revealed a division, in Windsor workers there voted 89 percent in the support of the agreement, while in Oakville only 45 percent supported the deal. The Canadian worker will receive $12000 in bonuses in payment during the contractual next four years. Ford Motor Co. agreed to continue to produce until the year of 2020 at its Windsor engine plant, a 6.8 liter engine that was planned to go out of manufacture. The negotiations between Unifor and Big three companies (General Motors Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ford Motor Company) started during the summer and finally now Unifor earned assurances of $1.6 billion price of fresh investment from Ford Motor Co.

Under the contract, the fresh program will be fixed at the Ford’s Annex facility and this fresh program products cylinder heads for the Windsor and Essex Engine Manufactory. The cylinder heads is designed to swap the 6.8 liter V-10 engine which assembled at the Windsor Engine factory of Ford Motor Co., and this will influence Ford’s top-selling automobiles like; F-150 pickup. The assembly factory of Ford Motor Co. in Oakville will receive $100 million of fresh investment for a mid-cycle modernize of the Ford Edge and the Lincoln MKX in the year 2018. According to the Unifor national president Jerry Dias, “The new engine will supply next-generation, high-volume products planned for the 2020 model Year.”