Is 3D Printing The Future ?

Technology - Akanksha Singh - Nov 11,2016

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3d printing is a technology of future

Technology for 3D Printing has changed over the years and now it is the “ish” of future

When Tony Stark made an army of robots in Iron man, all the nerd in me could think of was, that I want whatever Tony had. I should have known that what I wanted was not a gazillion dollars (I still want a gazillion dollars though), but a 3D printer.

The technology of 3D printing came around 1987, these printers were a humongous achievement, and so was the amount of money required to buy them; back in the 90’s these printers were priced around 300 thousand US Dollars. Their use was restricted to a limited number of people, hence hardly anyone knew about the 3D printing technology, but today these printers are ‘the-talk-of-town’, and their prototypes printed and tested. You can even buy a 3D printer for as less as 49 US Dollars.

What started with printing of forks and spoons has today turned into an uproar. It was reported that a Chinese company ‘WinSun’ printed a whole wall, by adding a spray nozzle to their 3D printer in 2004-2005, the same company ended up “printing” a five-storey apartment building. Well, you know you’re fairly advanced, when you start “printing” buildings.

3D printing today is not just about mass-consumerism or mass production through cheaper means, 3D printing today is a path breaking technology that is giving $60 prosthetics to poor kids. Medical scholars are coming up with path breaking medical innovations, they are printing prosthetics, bones, skulls and even skin, using the technology. A physician from Pecking University printed and implanted the first such “vertebrae” in the spine of a bone cancer patient in 2014.

Today with the 3D pen ‘Doppler’ you can ‘literally’ make people see your point, who knows what the future entails. Hence, it would only be fair to say that be it mass consumerism or medical science 3D Printing is the “ish” of future, if not ‘the future’ itself.